Fashionable & Fierce Lizzie; Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend!


I had no idea why we celebrate the Queen’s birthday on the second Monday of June, when her actual birthday is in April, until the trusty Google informed me that it’s because it was actually King George V’s birthday and after his death we decided to keep it in June. Whatever the reason, today is a public holiday here in Oz thanks to Queenie and I say hurrah!

ImageI’m actually a big fan of Her Maj and think she’s led an interesting, if incredibly cushy, life. Look, I understand it’s probably a tough gig having to be monarch to approximately 50 countries but you have to admit she’s had access to some ah-mazing clothes, hats and JEWELS! If I had access to the crown jewels *ahem* I would wear a crown/tiara every day. I’m talking to work, out for a run and even sitting on the loo, hell why not?!

So while I’m enjoying a lovely sleep in and a slothful day I hope you enjoy some of my fave pics of Lizzie.


 Sheer fierceness! 


This just made me giggle and I had to share. I wonder if secretly Lizzie tells Philip to sod off now and then?! That would make me extremely happy if she did!

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  1. I literally LOLed at the gif of her flipping us off! haha! Wow, I didn’t know she ruled 50 countries and shit. Geez! I wouldn’t mind wearing a tiara encrusted with diamonds for my lifetime and not be questioned about my mental capabilities…lol…I would love to be a grown woman wearing a tiara everywhere I go!

    • That GIF still makes me giggle, no matter how many times I’ve seen 🙂
      I would wear the shit out of a crown/tiara every day – like I said I would wear it to work, out for a run, doing the grocery shopping and if anyone gave me side eye I’d be like I’M THE EFFING QUEEN DAHLING! LOL!

  2. Love that GIF!!! Sweetie, if you had access to the crown jewels, you wouldn’t have to go to work!! That being said, I think we should all wear tiaras every day!!!!

      • Aww that was one of my favorite days ever. LOL you know I kept that Queen Lizzie poster on the bathroom door for the next few years right? Only took it down the day I moved out *sob*

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