Does Corporate Boob Exist?

corp boob

Kinky title I know, but I’m super curious. OK, let me start at the beginning. About a month or so ago my office had a corporate induction day, as we’d been acquired by a new company. Along with all the new paperwork we had to fill out we also had to sit through the new policies and procedures – oh so fascinating….NOT! It was all the general things you’d expect from a work place; don’t sexually harass anyone (damn), don’t deal with bribes blah blah blah!!

Then the subject of dress codes came up and somehow the term “corporate boob” arose. We wondered (OK, I WONDERED) whether it was ever appropriate to show some boob or cleavage in the office. Of course it all depends on what kind of space you work in, whether it’s very corporate or more relaxed. Everyone poo-poos the idea and I’m honestly not a fan of getting my girls out in general (only because I’m not confident enough), but I think if you are confident and want to then why not? I’m also not a fan of having to dress like a man (i.e. power suits and white shirts) to succeed in the business world. So why can’t women look like women in the office and what does that even mean? Am I just opening up another can of worms there?

To top it all off a new reality show started called When Love Comes to Town and the promos kicked off the conversation again because of one of the contestant on the show, Abbey.

Abbey says it herself, she’s always worked in a very corporate environment as a banker, but surely her girls aren’t out like that if she’s in a meeting with Merrill Lynch or the like?! Don’t get me wrong, I think she looks great and pretty sexy, but is there a place for boobs out in the boardroom and does a woman get taken seriously if her cans are out? I know if she worked in my office we’d all be talking about her over drinks on a Friday afternoon, which is horrible I know as we should stick by our fellow sisters, but honestly women are such assholes to each other – nothing new there!

I took to Google to see what the general consensus is and of course I wasn’t surprised to read that women should avoid looking “sexy” in the office. I’m not sure why, but that really bothered me. In fact, this whole article bothered me!

How to Avoid Looking Inappropriate for the Office (for Women) lists all the things women should abstain from. I took great offence to the advice of steering clear of vibrant lipsticks especially “fire engine reds or bubblegum pinks”. FUCK THAT NOISE! I don’t care where you work, if you want to wear bubblegum pink lipstick that’s your choice and shouldn’t be deemed inappropriate just because others don’t have the chutzpah to pull it off. Don’t get me started on the advice to “carry a simple purse” that’s just crazy.

All right darlings, I’ve ranted enough and now it’s over to you. What’s your stance on “corporate boob” Is it inappropriate or should we all be getting our ta-ta’s out for the next AGM?

Also what are you favourite terms for your boobs? Do you have a name for them? Nothing to do with the post, just want to know ‘cos I’m a perv LOL! 😉

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  1. I like this! Good topic!
    I agree with you… those that want to show it go for it, however there are time and places.
    I talk to students as part of my job, therefore no boob showing for me! I think that is the wrong place! however if i was in the office and had no important meetings , a little boob doesn’t hurt!
    So interesting discussion!
    x Kirsty

    • I know I could kinda get away with a little cleavage as office manager, but I’d feel so self conscious about it that it wouldn’t work for me. I’d end up buttoning up my cardi LOL!
      Thanks for reading Kirsty x

  2. FABULOUS post dollface!! That article (probably written at the turn of the 19th century) made me guffaw out loud- avoid bright lipstick, no slits above the knee, only wear flat black or brown pumps… Get. The. Eff. Outta. Here. #LowPony. I’m all for looking well-put together and smart, but that doesn’t mean frumpy. Personally I don’t do low-cut at work but I think a hint of sexy/whimsy at the office is NEEDED. Whether that be a controversially tight pencil skirt a la Joan from Mad Men, or a cinched waist and sexy peep toed shoes ♥

    • Hahaha #LowPony = sigh!
      You’re absolutely right, we shouldn’t be looking frumpy, we should be embracing our bodies and dressing CORRECTLY for it, whatever that may be. First and foremost we’re women and should be proud of that and not hide it! Hurrah to the sisterhood 😉 xo

  3. I’m laughing out loud – Brilliant post! Ta Ta’s, mamacita’s, breasticles, boobla’s are a few of the many ridiculous names I’ve given my Bristol Cities. And no I wouldn’t display them at work but I know a girl who would under a sheer mesh number a bit like that Kim K top from the other day, only with a little fabric at either side. I couldn’t help but stare, they were amazing even if totally inappropriate! Lol.

    x Diana

    • Thanks Diana!
      I love the names we give our “girls” 🙂 I do love it when women are confident and show them off and I can’t help but stare in admiration either LOL! xo

  4. Love this!! Personally, I’m like you and wouldn’t have the confidence to get my boobies out in the office! But girl power to anyone that does… I think sexism still exists in the workplace and it’s likely women will be ‘objectified’ by men and not taken seriously if they decide to get their puppies out for work. She will probably be deemed a slut by fellow women too… Why are girls so mean?

    Also, that article made me angry!! I’ll wear whatever lipstick I want girllllll, if that means MAC heroine, then who cares!? 🙂

      Sexism is so prevalent it makes my skin crawl, and like you said we’re also so mean to our fellow sisters.
      AND FUCK YES to MAC heroine, the more the better! ‘
      Thanks for reading xo

  5. If you want to wear bright lipsticks, carry a big purse, and a cute outfit, I say go ahead and wear it! You work for these nice things so why now be able to wear it to work? Personally, I think Abbey is a bit overexposed, but nothing that a simple cami can’t tone down. When your boobs are out and about like that, it’s distracting!! lol. Save the boobies for happy hour, just for everyone’s sake. Could you imagine the men?? They’d be all over her! I think that is what would prevent me from wearing that, I don’t want people staring there and I would be so uncomfortable!!

  6. First: FUCK THAT NOISE is now my new favorite quote.
    Second: This is sheer brilliance.
    Third: I keep my gals in the office the same way as I do around my future in-laws. Somewhere between polite and sexy. I want the Dad to be proud of his son for landing a smoking babe. I want his Mom to think I’m a darling respectable lady, and the Sister to wish she was this cool.
    Same applies to office mates

  7. I have J cups and unfortunately its difficult to wear something that on other women would not show much without showing more than some would appreciate. And yes, some ‘sisters’ are mean – I had the office bitch ‘compliment’ my dress one day only to finish by reminding me about the size of ‘the girls’. At the end of the day, you are not responsible for the short comings of other people. Just be your natural, authentic and beautiful selves and wear what you desire for the occasion. Live for YOU, not other people, life it too short.

  8. Consider my hands up for this wonderful post!! I agree that there’s a place and time for the girls to be on display. When it comes to work my place is a bit more laid back as we live in a rural area but my manager would prefer us not to be on complete display for our conservative town. I also have DD cups so it’s a bit harder consider there’s a bit of leaning over involved occasionally. I don’t wear turtle necks but I also keep it a bit more reserved for more my sake than my customers. I’d be with you in that group with drinks on Friday talking about ‘that girl’. Not proud of it but yes, we are terrible to each other.

  9. I don’t think you need to keep the girls completely under wraps, however having worked with a lovely lady who all but fell out of her dress/top often, it was very distracting for both male and female.

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