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Face of Australia Concealer


I wasn’t a huge concealer wearer before I’d tried this one from Face of Australia (FoA), but through this damn blog, and reading others of course, I felt like I was missing out on all the action. All the other concealers I’ve tried in the past had creamy consistencies and were heavy and felt like they were seriously clogging my pores.

I really wanted to find a light-wearing, preferably not a wet on application concealer to hide the redness on my cheeks and to also hide any traces of dark circles under my eyes. Hey, I may look well rested in some of my pics but I can guarantee you they’re there! I stumbled upon the FoA concealer purely by accident. I was being the tight-arse bargain shopper that I am and had a $30 Priceline voucher to use. I wanted to grab as many products as I could so found the cheapest concealer they had and voilà it was the FoA one. I really didn’t have high hopes for it but I was pleasantly surprised.

foa concealer

There are only two shades to choose from; Warm and Neutral. The tag line being that the concealer contains corrective pigments to match any skin tone.  I’m not too sure about that as they’re both quite light shades! I went with Warm as Neutral looked to be too pale for my colouring.

I really like the twist-and-go tip applicator which is super handy and not messy like my previous concealers. It’s so easy to draw on and then blend in, I use my fingers but I’m sure it’d be just as easy with a brush. And like it suggests, it does match my skin tone which I really didn’t think it would. MAGIC!

FoA concealer is currently retailing for less than $8 at Priceline which is fabulous as I snapped up a couple before my trip – just in case I didn’t find anything I like while knee deep in Sephora.



Do you wear concealer? What brands do you like?

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  1. its my concealer for the last few years love it and nothing else compares for my skin and budget

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