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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh why didn’t I listen to my mum’s sound advice of never picking up items from a clearance bin? Maybe because she’s never uttered those words as she loves a good bargain about as much as I do! Damn it, I had such high hopes for these nail stickers because 1) they’re called Rock Beauty and I’m a rock chick 2) they were only $7.50 from Priceline’s clearance bin and 3) I just like things to be odd numbers and I couldn’t leave it to only two points *shrug*


rock beauty3

Actually I can think of a third point – while I was in Sydney earlier in the year, my friend Daphne and I went to the Mardi Gras Harbour Party and we bumped into a rep from Rock Beauty who was down from London. He gave us his two minute spiel about the company and how they were expanding into stick on eye make-up, yadda yadda yadda. So since bumping into him I’ve wanted to try the brand. Good enough third point?!

This is a gift set with three different nail art wrap designs; Tribal Gold, White Dots on Red (which really sold it for me) and Jade Quail – and I can safely say all three were big fat DUDS! I thought they’d be like Sally Hansen’s Nail Polish Strips, which are just fabulous and ever so easy to use. The Sally Hansen stickers are super tacky and adhere to your nail immediately. These Rock Beauty wraps are sooooo bad they barely clung to my nail for me to shape them and then as soon as I tried to apply a top coat to them, thinking that it’d stick better, they completely fell off! Sheer nail-fuckery!! I feel so duped 😦

rock beauty7

I would NOT recommend using these wraps to anyone – and I hate giving bad reviews, but you know me dollface(s) – I don’t want to bullshit you! Lesson learnt; stop sniffing around the discount bins!

rock beauty8

Does this look like the face of a satisfied customer?? Have you ever tried these Rock Beauty Nail wraps?? Did you have better luck than I did?

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  1. Oh that sucks so bad! I am always dubious of those nail stickers, I have no idea where it came from though.
    Have you tried any of the quick dry sprays or drops? One of the ladies at Priceline *shakes fist* suggested putting the coat on then submersing the nails in water – didn’t work. So I am considering getting a quick dry product, have you any you can recommend?

    • Ooooh no I haven’t but now I want to – will try and get some over the weekend and report back.

      The only other nail stickers I’ve tried are the Sally Hansen ones and they really are awesome, they’ve spoilt me now 🙂 xo

    • The Sally Hansen Quick Dry works! I use it all the time. Bear in mind they won’t be so dry you can change the sheets on your bed right after, but they dry to the touch so you have a decent chance of avoiding smudges!

      • This is great to know – I tried looking for it at my local Kmart but they didn’t have it. Need to go to a bigger store to grab it. Can’t wait to try it out – thanks KP!! xo

      • Thank you! I will definitely have to get some. I use the SH base and top coat and have found that I will go to bed many hours later and still wake up with smudges in my nails. So I have to try something 🙂

  2. This must be the week of mani mishaps! I had to do my nails twice this week because the polish immediately started flaking off the next day, which never happens. Found out my dumb ass was using top coat as a base coat. In case you were wondering, that produces disastrous results!

    I got a Nail Rock wrap in one of my beauty boxes. Have yet to try them out. Will let you know if I get the same results (I’m sure I will). I tried a sample from Jamberry nails, and wasn’t crazy about them. You have to actually heat the teeeny wrap then try to put it on your nails while they’re soft. Lots of cussing ensued that session. They’re more like a decal, and after a few days they started to lift at the base, and kept snagging on stuff, especially hair. I think ‘ol Sally has the best ones. Love your frowny face!

    • Sally’s wins hands down, I would love to know if there’s another brand that comes close but alas I don’t think there is.
      I don’t think I could handle faffing about with warming up wraps and manoeuvring them around, I have a hard enough time as it is LOL!

  3. Awww your little frowny face was so cute la! Haha girl don’t worry, someday I’ll be back and you won’t have to fuck around with these nail stickers. I’ve never tried them meself, it’s all the filing that puts me off!

  4. Haha! Hilarious. I was surprised about this review because I have used nail wraps and absolutely loved them. The ones I got were easy to put on and lasted a whole week even after sanding down furniture and submersing them in the spa for a couple of hours!

    I don’t know the brand of them but I found them at Chemist Warehouse… They were also in the bargain bin for like 5 bucks. Please please go find them and test out some more because I thought they were awesome. I love using them because I never have time to wait for nail polish to dry.

    • Argh Amy I wish you knew what the brand was!!! I’d love to try out some more wraps as I love the Sally Hansen ones but they can be a little too expensive.
      If you remember please let me know:) xo

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