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Fierce Females: Drew Barrymore

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I love a good old fashioned “child star gone bad, dated a Corey, made some shitty movies but then triumphed and is now a Fierce Female” story and Drew Barrymore is the epitome of bad girl turned good.

Everyone remembers Drew as the lovable Gertie in E.T. which made her a household name. And we all remember that she went off the rails and partied a little too hearty and ended up in rehab at the age of 14! Then after a string of some pretty bad (bad as in so bad that they’re awesome) movies like Poison Ivy and Doppelganger she finally clawed her way back to success with the likes of Scream and The Wedding Singer. 

These days not only is Drew an actress but also a successful director, producer, model as well as the founder of Flower beauty products (alas not found in Australia) and she’s only just turned 40! PHEW, that’s a lot of livin’ in such a short time!

This Sunday I proudly raise my VHS copy of Wayne’s World 2 and salute you Drew, you could have ended up like so many other child star who’ve crashed and burned but instead you came through the other side and have become a truly Fierce Female!

drew barrymore green dress


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  1. “child star gone bad”

    I never got that vibe from Drew. Not at all. My intuition told me that the delightful personality she portrays is genuine and very much her real self. It spoke fairly clear and loud to me… not sure how to describe how I sense that, but that was consistent since I saw E.T. at a lovely old theater in Spokane, WA to when I saw Never Been Kissed in Ann Arbor, MI with my wife.

    I’d read of her family’s history and struggles with addiction and substance abuse, particularly on her father’s side, and I so I figure she was vulnerable, too. She was more or less born into the industry, so, I very much doubt there was any shock of sudden fame that some child stars face. I did read the news when she was in the grip of addiction, but I still had a sense that she was still a “good” girl, but just dealing with baggage like we all do. I didn’t see any identity crisis, either, that some of the current grown child stars seem to be facing. No radical image/beauty overhauls, IMHO.

  2. Yes I love her too!! And these pics you found are beautiful of her. Her movie ‘Fever pitch’ with jimmy Fallon is one of my favorites along with 50 First Dates and wedding singer and …. Lol xoxo

  3. Oh, so was going to be my FF before I left…….will get around to it, cos I love her, and her perserverance!!!!! And Flower!

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