30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 25: Dressy Distressed Denim

ootd_dressy distressed denim3

Day 25: Dress up a pair of distressed jeans – 

Ugh, you know you’re in trouble when you’ve upped your coffee ante in the morning and you’re still so, so tired! I definitely get to bed at a reasonable hour on school nights but it just seems my quality of sleep isn’t that great. Some days I don’t know what looks more distressed; my jeans or my face! (like my segue?)

ootd_dressy distressed denim

ootd_dressy distressed denim2

Aside from last week’s casual LBD outfit this is up there as one of my favourite looks from the 30-Day Challenge. I definitely wear a version of this outfit regularly as I just love the combo of jeans, heels and a blazer. It’s like they were made to be together.

Are you a lover of the jeans and blazer look? More importantly, are you a lover of coffee or are you a tea drinker? How bad’s your habit? ootd_dressy distressed denim4

Blazer: Bloch, Jeans: Some store in the Fashion Mall in Vegas – GAH I CAN’T REMEMBER THE NAME!, Boots: Aldo (older than Moses, bought them on my 1st trip to ‘Murrica back in 2003), Top: Kmart

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