Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life (Oz-tober Edition!) – INXS



For the longest time I found INXS was overshadowed by the personal life of Michael Hutchence and unfortunately it was only after his death that I really appreciated how fabulous he/they were. Growing up in Australia in the 80s/90s INXS were a staple on the radio but I think I knew more about who Michael’s leather clad ass was shagging and who’s marriage he was breaking up, which is a terrible injustice!

It was only while at uni, and listening to my housemate playing their best of CDs, that I fell in love with their awesome rock riffs and beautiful lyrics. I came to realise that Michael wasn’t a vacuous, Jim Morrison wannabe, but he was actually an intense and alluring lyricist. I was (and still am) super proud that Australia had our own fabulous and charismatic front man that could wow an audience with his stage presence. Plus, let’s not forget that amazing mullet he had back in the early days!

Also, a band with a saxophonist should ALWAYS be held in high regard!


Dream on white boy…

A very tough call trying to pick a song this Sunday. So, so many Oz rock anthems but I thought I’d go with this classic. I mean how do you go past these gorgeous word gems?..

We could live, for a thousand years
But if I hurt you, I’d make wine from your tears

I can remember this was played during Michael’s funeral and to say it was a tear jerker would be an understatement! Happy Sunday dollface and enjoy…

 P.S. We shall never speak of the J.D. Fortune days!

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  1. Same here: only really appreciated how good they were when he passed away, and sobbed while watching the funeral. So much good music.

  2. Snap! INXS were always around when I was growing up but it wasn’t until I got to borrow their best of CD well after Michael’s death that I appreciated how good so many of their songs were. Also enjoyed the recent telemovie. He was such an enigmatic front man and although I didn’t go for him personally, my sister-in-law loved him dearly and even had a few hairs from his head accidentally plucked during a live show. Another tortured soul not long for this world. Sad.

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