Way Down in Kokomo (Tesalate Towel Review)

tesalate beach towel_05

  *This beach towel was generously gifted by TESALATE – all opinions are always 100% my own.*

For all my southern hemisphere babes you all know summer is coming, and if you’re anything like me, you’re happier than a pig in muck about it. It’s so no secret that winter was very hard for me this year (and probably for a lot of you too). It was ridiculously cold, dark and bleak and that’s when my ol’ buddy, anxiety, likes to kick in.

What I find helps punch anxiety in the nuts is that fabulous ball of searing plasma in the sky. There’s nothing like a dose of Vitamin D to feel replenished and boost my mood, and what better way to do that than to bask in the suns glory at the beach on a gorgeous new beach towel?

tesalate beach towel_04

When the fabulous and clever people at Tesalate Beach Towels reached out and asked if I’d like to road test one of their funky towels I jumped at the chance. These towels are getting rave reviews and have only been on the market since the beginning of 2017.

Not only are Tesalate Beach Towels extremely good looking with 13 different styles to choose from (I chose Kokomo, because Beach Boys, hello!) but they are absorbent and fast drying. They’re also super compact and light weight, BUT the best thing about them is that they are made from AbsorbLite™, a micro-fibre that’s specifically designed to allow sand to slip off easily. SAY WHAT NOW?! Yup, that’s right, one shake of your towel and it’s completely sand free, ready to be folded up and slipped back into its little pouch (photo above) and back into my beach bag with no hassle.

tesalate beach towel_01

Now I’m ready for summer, how about you?

Tesalate Beach Towels retail for $79AUD

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  1. A bit pricey but definitely worth it to not have to listen to my husband bitch about sand in the car the whole way home!

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