A Long Time Between Drinks…

Well, well, well… fancy seeing you here!

It has definitely, without a doubt, been a long time between drinks… six months in fact. I’d like to tell you all that I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been travelling around the world living a rock star lifestyle, or that I’ve been working on a secret book deal, but the truth of the matter is I just needed a damn break.

Back when I started blogging, almost five years ago now, I had grand dreams of becoming the next big thing and used to blog ERRRY dang day! Where I got the ideas or the energy from is beyond me but I motored away and absolutely loved it. Over the years I cut back on posts but would still continue to put out new content week after week never daring to take more than a couple of days off here and there.

But last year life (and let’s face it more important stuff) got in the way. I wanted to enjoy my down time without having to rush around on the weekends HAVING to put posts together because I felt like I NEEDED to keep my readers happy. Never stopping to think that I wasn’t making myself very happy in the process.

So I just stopped.

A few weeks back I felt like I was missing something, for a while I wasn’t sure what it was but then it hit me. I felt like my little creative spark was reignited and I WANTED to start blogging again. Let’s face it, I really love sharing fun outfits and great beauty finds with my minuscule small following, but more so I absolutely love my internet family and all those gorgeous people who reached out to me over the months to check in. You all know how to make a gal feel special!

Now I’m just waffling on and I haven’t even stopped to mention this fabulous new coat of mine that I got just in time for winter… today being the first day of winter and all (technically not really because winter doesn’t start until the solstice and now I can see my sis rolling her eyes at me!). I know what you’re all thinking, Rosie do you really need another coat to add to your collection, and of course the answer is YES!

This is from Marks & Spencer and I absolutely adore it. The colour and pattern is so up my alley and is a fun and funky way to break up the dreariness of a Melbourne winter’s day. I saw it on a Facebook pop up ad (damn you target marketing) and I fell in love. It’s my second purchase from M&S and I’m a big fan. Their sizing and quality is spot on and delivery time is pretty quick considering it’s coming in from overseas. It also helps when there’s a 30% click frenzy sale on!

So now I’m back from out of spaceΒ and this time around I’m going to be a little kinder to myself. You may see me this time next week, you may not, and if I’m not here you know I’m just taking time out for me.

But in the meantime, it’s nice to see you again dollface! What are you drinking, it’s my shout for this round. We have so much to catch up on…

Coat: Marks & Spencer // Jeans: Big W // Tee + Shoes: Kmart // Earrings: Feather + Noise

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  1. YAY you’re back! I missed your posts and your humour that always makes me giggle! Welcome back Rosie xx Also that coat is gorgeous!!

  2. I was just wondering if you were blogging again as nothing had come into my inbox. Lovely to see you doing it again x

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