Lately… June ’18

Hey there dollface! Well, for somebody making a grand entrance back into the blogging scene I only managed to get two posts up and running this month (excluding this one), but hey, we knew that was bound to happen. Sometimes life gets in the way doesn’t it? Especially when your girl Rosie GOT A NEW JOB!

Yup, after a eight long years I’m finally changing employers and alas it’s not to go out on my own and start blogging full time as some of my colleagues thought I may be. Thank you for the confidence in me! It’s still in my regular, 9-5 alias as a rock star Executive Assistant but it’s in a field I hold a little closer to my heart… retail.

In other biggish news I also cut my hair. After growing it out these last 3 years or so I finally got sick and tired of it. One day I just snapped and couldn’t stand the long locks any longer. It was becoming a hassle with working out and styling that I figured now was as good a time as any to bring about some more change. New house, new job, new hair… what’s next? I say new car but others have suggested a new man. I just don’t think I’m ready for that level of commitment people!

Also, I’m becoming that adult that loves to look after their garden. Who even am I? After years of the blackest thumb I’m finally getting the hang of keeping things alive. This is a huge achievement. I just hope all these pretty new flowers will come back in spring.

Our new house is about 80% furnished/decorated with a few odds and ends (and dream pieces) away from being complete. Two such dream pieces were finally found this month whilst trawling through a fabulous vintage market out in Geelong. I had a picture in my head that resembled a little bit of 70s shabby suburban chic for a little nook that was approx. 100 x 40. Everything I saw online from Ikea to Matt Blatt was just too pristine (and tres expensive) but when I locked eyes on this sideboard and mirror it was like my dreams come true.

Flashing back to last year’s whopping 25 concerts in the Year Of Live Gigs I knew this year was always going to be a little tamer with having to tighten the purse strings until our old house was sold. So far I have been to 11 shows (not so tame really) and added one this month with Mr Big and Extreme rocking out their fabulous 80s/90s tunes. Y’all know I was in dirty long haired rocker heaven.

I’ve also set my reading challenge for 2018 with 40 books and I’m a little behind schedule. To date I’ve read 16 books with The Woman in Cabin 10, Ruth Ware, The Forgetting Time, Sharon Guskin and The Woman In The Window, A.J. Finn being stand outs and my recommendations to you if you’re looking for a fantastic read. Let’s bring on a short break I have coming up to smash out some more cracking tales.

And aside from all that and almost completing another fitness challenge at my gym (30 classes in 30 days… and oh boy can my knees feel it) I’m enjoying having free time in my social calendar and being able to catch up with friends last minute and not having to say “sorry, I’ve got something on…” It’s the little things like being able to be spontaneous that make me happy.

Be kind, always. Remember, it’s easy not to be a complete dickhead.

How was your June dollface? What’s been happening in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Can’t believe June is over…And I vote for the new car over the new man, and I’m not even a car person, possibly just a very hormonal man hating one right now…Keep blogging babe. X.

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