Lately… 2018 (A. K. A. Since I Left You)

Koooooo weeeee!

Anyone there?

Remember me? It’s Rosie, your fun-loving, colourful fashionista!

Yes, I know it’s been an age since I last blogged but I thought it was only polite to pop in and say hello and to give you an update and a wrap up of 2018. 

Jaysus, where in the actual fuck did this year go? One minute I was just getting back into the swing of things and the next here I am staring down the barrel of a new year! What can I say? This year was definitely one for lots of change and upheaval, starting with a new house back in January and a new job in July. I feel like I’ve only just caught up and my head has stopped spinning.

So, what’s been happening since I left you back in June? Let me catch you up… 


Getting the hang of my new job as well as the new commute was rough. Being the new kid in town is never one of my favourite things to be. It was a fairly quiet month while I adjusted to my new schedule but I did manage to get out and see (as well as taste) Sugar Republic, a pop up event that was all about the sweet treats in life. It was so much fun taste testing yummy lollies and ice creams and swimming around the absolutely Insta-worthy ball pit (above). 

August & September;

Having signed up for the Spartan obstacle race, my training kicked it up another gear during August and September. Lots of running and squatting and sad attempts at getting myself across the monkey bars. How did I rock these as a kid?

I also for the first time in my life experienced some amazing nosebleeds. I thought I’d had them in the past but, holy shit, these were NEXT LEVEL! I’m talking absolute gushers. Thankfully they stopped on their own but now I’ve learnt the hard way that some hay fever meds aren’t for me. 


It was that time of year again… Frocktober! My favourite month, when I get to frock up for 31 days all for an amazing cause, the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF). This year I raised an amazing $1,925 which I’m so proud of. I also got to show off some gorgeous new dresses. These were my personal picks…


I am Spartan!

Absolutely, without a doubt, one of the toughest physical and mental challenges I’ve had to date. Approximately 16km of running hills, obstacles, water crossings, hills and more fucking hills! My crew were amazing and helped me get to the finish line. 

This was also my first weekend away all year, can you believe that shit?! It was so lovely to take time out, albeit while getting bruises and smashing my body, and see the glorious countryside and hang out with friends. 


As if I hadn’t had enough of a physical challenge for the year I participated in the inaugural Walking Stars half marathon, a 21km night time walk through the city. It was such a fun event, getting to see the city by night while wearing glo-sticks and raising money for charity.

So now Christmas has come and gone for another year and New Years is just a blink away and this is where I like to stop and reflect on all the lessons I’ve learnt and what I want to take into 2019. 

Will I continue blogging next year? Who knows! Maybe this is the start of it all coming back, definitely not weekly but in some capacity. Like I mentioned back in June, I miss my little community here on the blogosphere and sharing my outfits and beauty finds. I’ve really come to appreciate just how much this space means to me. I’d be too sad to see it all go. Is it something people still want to read and see? Well, you tell me. Do you want to see more of me in 2019?

How was your 2018? Was it a rollercoaster ride like mine?

‘Til we chat again, stay safe dollface! Happy new year, eat your vegetables and remember a dash of red lipstick always brightens your day.

Rosie xo

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  1. I feel like a lot of people spent 2018 trying to get their bearings and just getting blown away. I have been MIA for most of it too. Though mine was not as fun. I accidentally landed myself in a mentally abusive relationship with a sociopath. He lived 2000 miles away and still found a way to control my every move. It started out cute and how I thought relationships worked, seeing as it was my first relationship. Then I started seeing what was going on. I lost weight, but only because the bf was controlling what I ate and made me feel bad for anything HE didn’t approve of. It was an awful and damaging situation. I am so glad to be out of it.

    Looks like you have had a ton of fun! Congrats on all the great things you accomplished this year! I would love to see random updates from you!

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