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Oh God, I knew I should’ve gone into action as soon as I felt a little tingle on my forehead, instead I left it and in the morning I had the hugest zit I’ve had in a long time. WHY GOD, WHY?! Here I was thinking I’d reached the magical age of 34 where adults don’t get whopper pimples any more but how sadly wrong I was.  Here I am with a zit that any second Mork was going to hatch out of!! Shazbot!!!!


The look of sheer horror when I saw this in the morning!

I quickly took to Facebook and Twitter and asked everyone for their home remedies for getting rid of pimples. I had a few people respond with my usual method of drying it out with toothpaste. Other suggestions were witch hazel and tea tree oil,  or rubbing either fresh cut garlic/apple cider vinegar/lemon juice onto the bastard, and my sisters favourite; spit….ewwwwww!

Seeing as this sucker seemed  like it was here to stay and demand world domination I had to try some of these out. As I didn’t have any witch hazel or tea tree oil at home I thought I’d go with my tried and (previously) true toothpaste method. If that didn’t work then I’d try apple cider vinegar and if that didn’t work I’d rub in some garlic. I’ll forego smearing spit on it, thank you very much!

First up; toothpaste. I’ve tried this trick many times before and it’s been mostly successful. I’ve also managed to burn my skin around the zit from the mint in the toothpaste, so I carry a caution with this method and advise only to rub it on the zit itself and not the skin around it. I also want to warn you that by the time I could get some toothpaste onto the pimple I had to pop it (ewww sorry if you were eating breakfast!) as it was seriously like Krakatoa and ready to blow! Once popped I whacked a good dollop of toothpaste on it and prayed it would work!


Not sure if I’m praying here or worrying that half my brain got squeezed out with the pimple!

In the morning it was significantly smaller, thanks to said popping, but I felt like the toothpaste did work some magic. So to get rid of the last skerricks of it I thought I’d combine the powers of both the apple cider vinegar and garlic and hope the two would combine to make one kick ass home pimple cure, otherwise I’d have a delicious salad dressing for my lunch the next day.


Apart from smelling like someone trying to ward of vampires I really think this did work. I crushed the garlic into the ACV and then dabbed it onto the zit a few times before bed and in the morning this:


YES! Success baby fist pumps!! 

I’m so relieved that the toothpaste and ACV/garlic combo worked, and all before the weekend no less! So the next time you have an unsightly pimple try using these methods and let me know if they work for you. Otherwise you can always get a fringe cut and hide it that way (only if it’s on your forehead obvs!)


Do you have any foolproof home remedies for getting rid of pimples? What are they so I know for next time? 🙂

Re-watching this has made me laugh so hard my pimple hurt! Have a great weekend peeps!

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  1. Lol! This the funniest thing I’ve read in a looonnggg time! I love it ! Have u seen that movie “my big fat Greek wedding”? Her dad always says “put some windex on it” (the blue liquid window cleaner) haha. Love your photos!! Xo

    • Hahahaha yes I have seen it and should’ve thought of that! Also Grandpa in The Lost Boys wears Windex as cologne hahahaha!
      Thank you, glad I made you laugh 🙂 xo

  2. I about spit my wine out reading this! Sooo funny! Mork & Shazbot??? Glad that sucker went away. Fortunately when you get my age, the zits stop happening. Instead you get wrinkles, brown spots, and red splotches 😉 Rock on sista!

  3. Pics were totes hilare!! LOL I love your face, with or without zits. Now you know I don’t go anywhere without my trusty spot remedies! Witch hazel to cleanse, and then tea tree oil to dab, followed by aloe vera gel to finish. Then BAM- next morning I wake up looking like Beyonce.

  4. I’ll have to try this next time! What I use is simply hydrogen peroxide. I must warn you though it’ll stain your hair! Mine turned reddish orange

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