Forever Marilyn!

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition

A few weekends ago, on a positively gorgeous day, the gals and I bundled aboard a trusty V/Line train and headed north for the Marilyn Monroe Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery. The glorious sun was beaming down on us just as if Marilyn herself approved of our girly day trip to check out her costumes, personal wardrobe and other interesting little titbits owned by the divine MM.

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition6

Welcome to the show…

Bendigo Art Gallery have collaborated with Twentieth Century Fox to bring together a gorgeous exhibition that showcases original film costumes, numerous dresses and accessories from Marilyn’s personal wardrobe and other objects belonging to, or worn by Marilyn. There are also stunning portraits, wardrobe test photos and film posters on display which have all be drawn from private collections around the world and are now being shown in Australia for the first time!



Gorgeous gowns and stoles on show


A collection of Marilyn’s personal wardrobe

There were certainly some fabulous costumes on display but by far my favourite item was Marilyn’s mink collar with brown satin lining from her private collection (above, far right). It was quite eye opening to see that her own wardrobe was quite plain and simple compared to the elaborate and flashy costumes she was famous for.

Being an avid fan there was quite a bit I already knew about dear old Norma Jeane, but one thing I was surprised to find out was that her feet were jacked up and gnarly! I’m not sure if her feet were larger than the norm and the film studios just jammed her into tiny pairs of shoes or if that whole “6 toes” myth was true but each pic of her in open toes shoes had her poor massive tootsies hanging over the edge – OUCH!

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition2

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition3

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition4_

Bendigo Art Gallery has also managed to secure Seward Johnson’s iconic eight metre high sculpture of Marilyn Monroe, Forever MarilynThis very popular behemoth tourist attraction stands in the city centre and greets visitors as they enter. Of course I had to look up her dress to check if Maz was decent and she WAS wearing undies, thank goodness!

Yesterday (June 1st) would have been Marilyn’s 90th birthday! To celebrate the gallery is holding the Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend Cocktail Party as a fundraiser this Saturday the 4th June. I would totally have been all over this if I wasn’t off to Sydney. The exhibition runs til the 10th of July so if you’re from Melbourne or visiting and are a Marilyn fan I would highly recommend seeing it immediately if not sooner!

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  1. Probably the first modern day icon, just a shame she had so many struggles. But still gorgeous like no other. Looks like a great exhibit.

  2. I am so jealous you got to see Our Maz’s exhibition! You know I have always adored her. She was just perfection with all her beauty and vulnerability. And DAT WARDROBE! Oh my goodness. Were all the dresses as spangly and gorgeous as I imagine? And that last photo made me crack up… I love you, you filthy mare xo

    • Her personal wardrobe wasn’t but still so feminine and chic. It was so surreal seeing all her makeupses and accoutrements that sat on her dressing table! Poor Maz 😦

      • Ooh the accoutrements… 😍 I used to be obsessed with those old-fashioned perfume bottles with the puff handle, you know the ones? Did she have one of those? She was so so beautiful. I always wonder what might have happened differently if she had found the love and support she so clearly craved xo

        Exactly, imagine if she grew up in a stable environment – we’d still have her now (possibly, she would have been 90 this year!) x

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